TOLKA Conditional Access System

Tolka Conditional Access System (CAS) offers pay-TV businesses high security protection for real time and offline program and content. With Tolka CAS, broadcasters and TV operators are provided the ability to expand their services, offer more convenient payment methods, and given greater control over content ownership. Broadcasters and TV operators can easily integrate the Tolka CAS into existing infrastructure to service IP, terrestrial, cable, satellite, mobile, and hybrid networks without interrupting subscriber services while protecting their digital collection.

Tolka CAS offers the most flexibility to DTH operators by providing two levels of security and convenience. The grand Tolka CAS can be configured as a standalone traditional CAS employing secure chip technology plus full headend support to prevent piracy through to the STB. This configuration can be deployed as a primary CAS or used in simul-crypt applications. The petite Tolka CAS is a software application and can be configured to operate as a secure bridge to provide content security between the STB and smart devices which are allowed access within a home network environment.

Tolka CAS regularly updates and evolves to stay up to date against evolving security threats. Both versions of the revelutionary Tolka CAS offers broadcasters and TV operators the highest level of control over their content by integrating with Tolka’s watermarking technology, guaranteeing content security even during viewing of pre-recorded or offline programs. Tolka CAS can operate in conjunction with multi-room and multi-screen environments, sending encrypted content to multiple devices within a home network and deliver the content to multiple network services. For mobile or tablet devices, Tolka CAS acts through a central subscription in the home to monitor content viewing from multiple devices.

Download TOLKA CAS System Flyer