TOLKA Watermark Solution
The increase of web-based content distribution raises the risk of revenue loss due to illegal sharing, copy and re-distribution. In order to protect the valuable content,

most conditional access systems allow Broadcasters to generate a secure link to grant content access between the Headend distribution to the individual Set-Top box.

Tolka Watermark is a software-based solution that addresses the needs of Broadcasters to protect their content from illegal usage and revenue losses. Whereas typical watermark solutions use complex algorithms encoded into the content at source requiring significant hardware processing,Tolka Watermark utilises its patent-pending software technology, Digital Signature Engine (DSE), to insert an invisible digital signature at the final destination on the distribution path making each piece of content unique each time it is decoded.

Furthermore, the unique digital signature can be used to identify the specific device which last decoded the suspect content before it was copied and redistributed.

If the suspected content proves to be an illegal copy made from a device on a DTH operator’s network, Tolka Watermark Solution can match the Digital Signature ID and the device associated with this signature on the network, thereby allowing easy and prompt identification of an illegal copy and facilitate tracing the copied content to the device (eg: handheld, tablet, etc.) on which it was last decoded.

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