TOLKA Media Chat

TOLKA Media Chat Solution is an intuitive real-time chat solution allowing family and friends to stay in touch at no cost via ADTH advanced set-top boxes and IP network.

The solution is easy to set-up and does not requires a computer like any other social chat media.

The TOLKA Media Chat Solution allows user to initiate or receive video calls through their set top box via LAN broadband. The customized chat interface is clean and simple, it allows user to see and communicate with the other party through the web-camera attached or through the built-in camera on the set-top box and a microphone. The solution allows one-to-one chat where the user can see caller on the TV screen with a single click to allow chat function, and easily switch to receive call from another caller.

The solution allows user to make calls to any smart mobile devices of any platform. The solution has no country restrictions, no license fee such as those video chat services used by the businesses, basically it is a personal global FREE video chat solution in the house at ones