ADTH NEXTGEN TV Box: A Testament to Quality Amidst Delays

Hello there,

Firstly, we at ADTH want to express our deep gratitude for your continued support and understanding as we navigate the journey towards delivering your pre-ordered ADTH NEXTGEN TV Box. We’ve always believed in complete transparency with our supporters and want to openly acknowledge that we have room to improve in terms of communication frequency and clarity. We’re fully committed to doing better moving forward.

Quality Assurance

Our focus remains unwavering on the provision of top-quality, seamless experiences. For that reason, we put every TV Box through an exhaustive series of quality control checks.

Figure 1: The factory opens the utility to communicate with the device, which allows it to install or debug the software.

First off, there’s the “burn-in” test phase where we operate each Box at full capacity for a prolonged period. The goal here is to weed out any potential issues that might compromise your non-stop streaming experience.

Figure 2: Quality Assurance technicians connecting the device to the computer to test the NEXTGEN TV Box functions.

Next, we enter the software stability phase. Our diligent engineers ensure that all features, apps, and software updates work in perfect harmony. A critical part of this stage is making sure the digital rights management (DRM) system is fully functional. DRM plays a crucial role in providing access to a wealth of content while respecting copyright rules. We want to guarantee you can watch your favorite content smoothly and without any disruptions.

Figure 3: After verifying that the NEXTGEN TV Box performs all functions correctly, every device is tracked in case issues are found in the future.

After we’re confident with the hardware and software, we proceed to an in-depth physical inspection and electrical safety test. These checks ensure that your device is perfect in form, safe, and ready for long hours of enjoyment.

Finally, each TV Box goes through a final ‘beauty check’, ensuring that it’s pristine, perfectly packaged, and set to give you an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Shipment Expected mid-August

We know you had your calendars marked for the end of July, eagerly anticipating the arrival of your new TV Box. Our initial aim was indeed to ship from Asia to our USA warehouse by now. However, we’ve faced an unexpected delay due to the late arrival of some key components from our suppliers.

With these critical components in hand, we’ve had to revise our shipping estimate to the second week of August. While this isn’t the news we hoped to share, it does ensure that the quality and performance of your ADTH NEXTGEN TV Box will not be compromised, especially the functioning of our DRM system.

We understand that this delay has caused frustration for some of our supporters. We genuinely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are committed to making things right. If you have any concerns or need assistance, our dedicated customer service team is ready and eager to help.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We’re thrilled for you to experience our NEXTGEN TV Box, and we’re confident that the wait will be worthwhile.

We will continue to update you on each step of this journey. Your ongoing support and faith in us fuel our commitment to excellence in all we do.

With heartfelt gratitude,

The ADTH Team