DGI 1012 – Secure Dongle

The DGI 1012 is a cost-effective dongle configured with a digital terrestrial demodulator. The dongle enables viewing of digital terrestrial television programs on smart devices when used with a paired App such as TOLKA. Network operators can now enable their customers to view free-to-air or pay-TV directly on their mobile devices without extensive infrastructure changes.

Main Features NEW

Android and iOS compatible
Android 5 or highe
iOS 9 or higher
Compatible with conditional access systems
Content Protection
TOLKA ready


MPEG-4.2 ASP@L5 (720P), H.264
(MPEG-4.10)BP@L3, MP@L4.1,
HP@L4.1, resolution up to
VC-1 decoder, supports MP@HL and
AP@L3 at
up to 1080p@30fps resolution

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The DGI 1012 is compatible with conditional access systems to permit the viewing of secured digital terrestrial transmissions.